Golem Mug

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Golem Mug

Golem Mug

Ceramic mug with Golem logo

Whether at home or at work, every moment is good for a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea. And there are no better mugs than the cryptocurrency ones! Perfect for both home and office, they will intrigue your colleagues, and maybe even instilling the desire in them to learn about cryptocurrencies. Intense color print, 330ml capacity and a variety of designs will make everyone find something for themselves.


Capacity 330ml
Colour white
Material ceramic
Cryptocurrency Golem

Golem? What is that?

Golem is a project that aims to create an open source distributed and supercomputer accessible to everyone. Such a machine would reduce the cost of scientific research, analysis of huge amounts of data or rendering - in a word, processes that would require huge amounts of energy, time and resources. Everyone can use the power of their own equipment - be it a laptop or a more powerful computer - for the needs of the network. They are properly rewarded for renting computing power. The project also allows the development of new programs that can be hosted on the network. Golem is then used as a software distribution platform, which is cheaper and more difficult to carry out a DDoS attack on it.

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