NEM Stickers 10x

VAT included
  • 3x3cm
  • 5x5cm

NEM Sticker

10x NEM Stickers

Round sticker with the NEM cryptocurrency logo

Glossy, high-quality stickers on self-adhesive foil available in sizes 3x3 and 5x5 cm. A simple way to accentuate your interests. Sold in a set of 10 pieces.


Dimensions 3x3cm or 5x5cm
Colour white
Material self-adhesive paper
Cryptocurrency NEM

NEM? What is that?

NEM was announced on the forum by UtopianFuture, which was inspired by the Nxt currency. The project started operating on March 31, 2015, although the tests have been ongoing since June 2014. The program was written from scratch in Java and Javascript - we are not dealing with the copied Bitcoin code like in Dogecoin. At NEM we are not dealing with block digging but with harvesting. Not only that, collection can be local (harvesting) or delegated (harvesting), only by accounts sanctioned with the right amount of XEM. Everything is checked by a "proof of importance". Let's explain all terms to understand how NEM works.

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