Dogecoin Fridge Magnet

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Dogecoin fridge magnet

Dogecoin fridge magnet

A fridge magnet with a Dogecoin cryptocurrency logo printed on it

Round fridge magnets with cryptocurrency logos - they will add character to every refrigerator and enliven the kitchen. Many different designs will also make children have a lot of fun in laying magnets. Full-color print, additional coverage with a laminate that protects the magnet from dust, moisture, scratches, and gives it an extra shine. The back side is completely covered with a magnet.


Weight 45g
Diameter 58mm
Material aluminium
Cryptocurrency Dogecoin

Dogecoin? What is that?

Dogecoin is an online peer-to-peer currency, based on a modified Bitcoin protocol - and is an inflationary currency due to the lack of a coin limit, not like most deflationary cryptocurrencies. The concept of the creation of such a coin was inspired by the famous meme with the title "doge" or "dog" that took possession of the Internet. The creators decided to use the fashion for a Shiba dog and create a coin with his image. Their intention was to reach a wider audience than Bitcoin, while at the same time creating a friendly currency that evokes pleasant associations - even entertainment. Therefore, due to the rather loose approach, the project does not develop very dynamically. It is not dead, however, because many users still mine Dogecoin.

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