NEO Fridge Magnet

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NEO fridge magnet

NEO fridge magnet

A fridge magnet with a NEO cryptocurrency logo printed on it

Round fridge magnets with cryptocurrency logos - they will add character to every refrigerator and enliven the kitchen. Many different designs will also make children have a lot of fun in laying magnets. Full-color print, additional coverage with a laminate that protects the magnet from dust, moisture, scratches, and gives it an extra shine. The back side is completely covered with a magnet.


Weight 45g
Diameter 58mm
Material aluminium
Cryptocurrency NEO

NEO? What is that?

NEO is a decentralized and distributed protocol that digitizes real resources into digital, enabling registration, deposits, transfer, trading, clearing and settlement via peer-to-peer networks. NEO uses electronic contracts to keep records of digital asset transfers. At NEO, digital tokens generated by electronic contracts function as general underlying data that can be used to record titles and assets such as shares, receivables, securities, financial contracts, credit points, bills of exchange and currencies and can be used in relation to equity crowdfunding, stock trading, employee ownership plans, peer-to-peer financing, loyalty programs, private equity funds, supply chain financing, etc.

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